Services Offered


CSE can produce System Schematics as part of a Customer’s Design Package.  These entail drawings that give a System-Level Overview of the Electrical Modification taking place.  From a simple one-line Block Diagram to more detailed Interconnection Diagrams that can be used for system trouble-shooting, CSE can provide this service.

Wiring Diagrams

CSE creates Wiring Diagrams for Aircraft Modifications.  This and Cable & Wire Harness Drawings comprise the bulk of CSE’s areas of Expertise.  Point-to-Point wiring drawings between Power sources, Lighting, Avionics Equipment, and In-Flight Entertainment Units are laid out in accordance with the Customer’s, OEM’s, and Aviation Authorities’ guidelines.  These Diagrams also entail any necessary electrical system/component removal to meet a new

Design Requirement.  CSE strives to provide Designs that are technically correct and easy to interpret for both the Novice and Master Technician.

Detailed Cable and Wire Harness Design

Detailed Designs of the cabling and wires that comprise an Aircraft’s Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) are created in accordance with Airframe Manufacturer’s and Aviation Authorities’ Regulations.  These designs bring a Customer’s Modification one Step closer to fruition.  In them are the minutiae of an Aircraft’s Electrical System:  Connectors, wiring, contacts, backshells, protective sleeving, labeling, and electrical components, just to name a few, are selected with thoughtful research.  Once these designs are reviewed and Approved by the Customer, they can proceed to have them manufactured themselves or by a subcontractor that CSE can provide.

Routing & Installation Drawings

CSE can provide detailed drawings that provide instructions on the physical installment of the cabling and wiring that a Customer’s Modification requires.  With the providing of aircraft-specific data, Installation Packages are created to give Instruction on how to properly route, secure, and connect the sets of cables and wiring kits while meeting Technical and Safety Compliance.

Liaison Engineering for Avionics Integration

During an Aircraft Modification, which would entail the actual work of installing the electrical components and EWIS on a Customer’s Aircraft, CSE can provide on-site Engineering Support as needed.